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Mohamed Abd Elfatah

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Maintenance-free products for material flow, automated warehouses, logistics, conveyor technology and packaging

guidefast trough

Modular system

Specially for crane girders and standard indoor cranes.


Trough for fast and easy lateral assembly on crane girders in standard indoor cranes. Possible as complete package for indoor cranes in modular systems: E2/000 + chainflex® cables + guidefast-trough.


System P4 Roller Chain - High stability for long travels

Save up to 60% power with P4

With new large system modules. Tribo-optimized roller material, quiet, abrasion-resistant, long travels.

Roller chain for long travels  

For very long travels and high speeds possible through large rolling and gliding surfaces. 800 m travels and more are possible, >10 m/s speed.

Long travel implemented with an energy chain®  
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guidelok slimline "F" – no more swinging out


Guidelok offers a simple, cost-efficient and reliable solution for vertical applications. The chain thus remains in the track even in vigorous lateral accelerations!

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Flexible cables for indoor and outdoor applications

Flexible cable for outdoor applications in energy chains®  

chainflex® CF 37.D - halogen-free + oil resistant: halogen-free motor cable for extremely high mechanical requirements in crane and plant engineering. With TPE outer jacket, halogen-free, oil resistant and cold flexible.

Additional flexible cables for energy chain applications

iglidur® PRT Slewing Ring Bearing - lubrication-free

The ready-to-install bearing solution, absolutely free of maintenance and lubrication, corrosion-resistant, high stiffening. New: Now in more sizes, for higher temperatures and suitable for foodstuff.


The glide pads made of iglidur® J run absolutely free of maintenance and lubrication. All housing parts are made of aluminum and are ready for installation.


drylin® SHT Leadscrew module - For high loads


For format adjustments in the conveyor and drive technology. Lubricant-free, low cost, rugged and compact.

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Easy PPDS - Automatic "emergency stop"


The “PPDS” (Push Pull Force Detection) system from igus® enables the online monitoring of displacement forces of the energy chains to prevent damages to the system as well as failures through preventive maintenance or remote intervention.

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Micro flizz® - Fast and ready-to-install

A cost-saving, self-contained system: light, quiet, compact and maintenance-free. Enclosed system for neat optical features, acceleration up to 50 m/s2 and operating speed up to 6 m/s.


A fail-safe and compact system for the quick transmission of energy, data and media, e.g. to move work tools and equipment to the workplace.

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iglidur® W300 - For high holding times


For lubricant-free application in lifting movements. Very high service life, low coefficients of friction, extremely high stiffening, another 28 specialist systems off stock.

Additional ready-to-install and lubrication-free plain bearing solutions
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Indoor applications and products in materials handling.

Indoor applications    

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Outdoor applications and products in materials handling.

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