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guidelite ECO
Vertical guide trough

guidelite ECO vertical guide trough

Very light, solid plastic guide trough, can be installed very quickly and easily

guidelite ECO is a very cost-effective, iglidur polymer guide trough that can be installed easily and extremely quickly. The construction principle of tried-and-tested energy chain and polymer trough is very safe as there are no open electric conductors. In contrast to busbar systems, light signals, liquids and air can be guided safely. igus guidelite ECO is available ready-to-install from €38/m (*including trough, e-chain E2., filling 5 x single cores 6mm² plus bus or FOC cable)

Stroke heightAcceleration Console materialMaterial channel sides
up to 40m7m/s² igumid GPVC 

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Tech up

Tech up

  • Very light, solid plastic guide trough
  • Very safe – no exposed electrical conductors
  • Can also be used for replacing busbar systems.
  • In contrast to busbar systems, light signals, liquids and air can be guided safely.
  • Very easy and extremely quickly installed

Cost down

Cost down

  • Very simple and extremely quick installation saves installation time and costs
  • Predictive maintenance – optional with the isense additional module



  • guidelite ECO is 59% lighter than comparable systems made of steel or aluminium (tested in the igus laboratory in direct comparison to micro flizz 10)



  • Due to the 59% lighter construction, less mass needed to be accelerated. Smaller drives and motors can be used; which saves energy
  • Have your energy chains processed as part of the igus chainge recycling programme no matter which manufacturer they came from
  • igus supports the circular economy of plastics and invests in chemical recycling

guidelite ECO

Product features

The guidelite ECO is small and suitable for laying all sorts of round cables at lifters and small storage and retrieval units.  It is also used for replacing busbar systems.  The guidelite ECO is an uninterrupted guide trough, which is supported by a console every 500mm.

This vertical plastic guide trough is suitable for e-chains with the part numbers E2.15.048.0., E2C.15.048.0 and E2i.15.048.0.

  • Console made of igumid G
  • Channel sides of PVC

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guidelite guide trough

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  • Cost-effective
  • Corrosion-free

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guidefast guide trough

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Guide trough is used in long travels where the e-chain® glides (according to chain type from 5-12m). They support the smooth low friction operation of the igus energy chains and energy tubes.

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