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Mohamed Abd Elfatah

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E1 system - Modular, one-piece band for simple applications

Modular, one-piece strip for simple applications - the new E1 make additional applications possible where e-chains® were previously too expensive. E1 is cost efficient with large numbers, quick to mount and provides a system of order and safety for the constantly moving cables.

e-chain® in one band


Easy to shorten or lengthen

Snap-open on the outside
Series E1.10  
Series ES1.10

Inner height hi: 10 mm
inner width Bi: 13 mm
bend radii R: 18 mm
pitch: 20 mm
Series ES1.10 e-chain®, openable along outer radius

Series E1.17  
Series E1.17

Inner height hi: 17 mm
inner width Bi: 21-44 mm
bend radii R: 28 mm
pitch: 25.5 mm
Series E1.17 e-chain®, openable along outer radius

Series E1.18  
E1.18 series

Inner height hi: 18 mm
inner width Bi: 15 mm
bend radii R: 28 mm
pitch: 25.25 mm
Series E1.18 e-chain®, openable along outer radius

Series E1.20  
Series E1.20

Inner height hi: 20 mm
inner width Bi: 15 mm
bend radii R: 28 mm
pitch: 25 mm
Series E1.20 e-chain®, openable along outer radius

e-chain® selection aids

You can find the right e-chain® quickly by entering concrete parameters and with the aid of a comparison table.

Installation instructions

Shortening and lengthening of the e-chain®.

Application examples

Applications in various industrial sectors and in the igus® test laboratory.

e-chain® in one band

Cost-effective solution for large numbers

E1: e-chain® in one band

Length of each chain band: 255 mm

Can be shortened or lengthened as required through injection-molded, modular chain band

Easy snap-open

Mounting link for connection of several chain bands

Fastening potential by the bore on the chain band

Several potential materials

Typical industrial sectors and applications

General construction machinery

Automotive sector

Office technology

Machine construction

Electronic equipment

General construction machinery etc.


UL94-V2 classification