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igus enjoyneering ... unleash your engineering power, easy as child's play

Engineers are often naturally curious and have a strong urge to explore. Playing and experimenting with new technologies and ideas creates innovative solutions and products. This creative process helps push the boundaries of what is possible and opens up new perspectives in technology and production. It is precisely this urge to play and experiment that we promoted at the Hannover Messe in 2023 to pave the way for outstanding achievements in industry - with igus enjoyneering you unleash your engineering power with play!

Discover fascinating possibilities with new technologies

At igus, we too have experimented a lot with new technologies and tried using them for our customers and products. This led to unknown doors that opened, and unforeseen opportunities. It is fascinating to see what is suddenly possible due to such digital revolutions:

"Like an avatar in James Cameron's yet-to-be-filmed blockbuster "Industrial Avatar" - this is how a journalist describes her experiences during a preview of the iguverse, the digital igus world. Digital world? Virtual reality? Augmented reality? Aren't all these terms that you're familiar with from the techie world and that make you wonder if it's just a hype that will soon pass?

This is how you can benefit from our enjoyneering offers

With all the experimenting, it is important for us not to get lost in technologies, but always to answer the following question: "How do you as a customer benefit?" Very simple: you can develop new machines, design new systems and optimise existing products with playful ease. With joy and fun at work. In a collaborative process that expands your creativity and technical expertise. And with which you can increase the success of your work. Improving technology made easy - that's what enjoyneering (a combination of enjoy and engineering) stands for! Discover some of our highlights now:
enjoyneering with iguverse, the industrial metaverse from igus

Industrial metaverse

​The iguverse is a global VR solution for sales and engineering in industry. It allows for a better collaboration and can thus make developments, configurations, planning and training more efficient.
Tech up, cost down thanks to enjoyneering & igusGO

Tech up, cost down in seconds

Our app igusGO uses AI to recognise igus products in photos and suggest lubrication-free solutions. In addition to helpful information, you will also receive a link to the online shop, so that you can avoid bad purchases.
enjoyneering with augmented reality, spare parts service iDentify & recycling platform chainge

AR, spare parts & recycling

Visualise and plan new products better with AR. Simply identify and reorder existing products with our spare parts recognition. Recycle old products even more easily via our recycling platform chainge .
enjoyneering with automation & robotics thanks to RBTX & AnyApp

Marketplace automation & robotics

RBTX is our marketplace for Low Cost Robotics, which connects users and suppliers and saves time and money. You can also use our AnyApp to program robots from a wide range of manufacturers with universal software.
enjoyneering with Low Cost Robotics & ReBeL

Low Cost Robotics

The ReBeL Cobot is inexpensive, flexible and ideal for collaborative tasks, e.g. in gastronomy, production or assembly. The control system can be automated or virtual.
enjoyneering with individual special parts & motion on demand

Individual special parts

motion on demand offers you the best solutions for your special parts: "speediPrint" 3D printing service with all igus materials and manufacturing processes, CNC service for machined parts and tolerance checks.
enjoyneering with smart plastics for Industry 4.0 & internet of things

Industry 4.0 & internet of things

With our smart plastics for Industry 4.0 and the internet of things, you can extend product operating times and avoid system failures. i.Sense is used for condition monitoring and i.Cee for predictive maintenance.
enjoyneering with online configurators & the service platform kopla

Online configurators with platform

With our online configurators, you can calculate the service life and other parameters of our motion plastics. Thanks to the service platform kopla, you can now develop your own customised configurators in a fast and inexpensive way.
enjoyneering with online consultations via Remote Scout

Online consultation at trade shows

With the Remote Scout, we offer you a personal online consultation or presentations as an alternative to visiting the trade show. Our experts will take you on a tour of our trade show stand - as if you were on site.

Our digital services and solutions

With enjoyneering and our digital services and solutions, you can achieve top engineering performance with ease. Use our digital services to make your work easier, increase your creativity or secure further benefits.
To the digital news 2024

News 2024

The latest innovations in 2024 - digital and non-digital

In addition to the digital revolutions, we also offer you a whole lot of non-digital innovations. Discover no fewer than 247 new products.
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The virtual trade show IMPS

Visit our virtual trade show

With the igus motion plastics show (IMPS) you can discover our products on our 400m² physical-virtual trade show stand.
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