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Harnessed energy chains -

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Energy supply systems from a single source

Reasons for a harnessed energy chain

For the production of machines and equipment, there are many good reasons to decide in favour of pre-harnessed energy supply systems:

  • Harnessing time is reduced by up to 95%
  • Reduction in manufacturing costs
  • Minimal amount of logistics work – no storage space necessary
  • Procurement optimisation - one system, one part number
  • Reduce assembly time – less machine downtime
  • On-site installation - international service with 35 subsidiaries
  • Special designs are possible – igus® is developing further components

readychain sample box  

Ready to install instead of individual parts

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No company has to deal with installing energy chains and cables for their machines any more. With our readychain system, we provide individual, harnessed energy supply systems, which can be easily installed on site.

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readychain® options

readychain basic  

Consists of an energy chain equipped with electric cables, pneumatic and hydraulic systems without plug connections.
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readychain basic  

Consists of an energy chain equipped with electric cables, pneumatic, hydraulic and sensor systems including plug connections.
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readychain standard plus  
Standard plus

Consists of an energy chain equipped with electric cables, pneumatic, hydraulic and sensor systems including plug connections as well as mounting plates for fixation.
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readychain premium  

Consists of an energy chain equipped with electric cables, pneumatic, hydraulic and sensor systems including plug connections as well as a transport and assembly rack.
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Your benefits BasicStandardSTANDARD PLUS Premium
ONE supplier - combine suppliers 
 Reduce assembly time
 Reduce failures
 No electrical termination needed
 100% digitally tested
 No cable surplus
 Reduce interfaces
 Optimise points of connection / interfaces
 Ready-to-install multi-axis system
 Optimised transport / assembly
 One single assembly
 One part number / commodity
 Plug & Play

Your benefits at a glance BasicStandardStandard plusPremium
 Reduction of assembly time■■□□□■■■□□■■■■□■■■■■ 
 Reduction of logistics cost■■■□□■■■■□■■■■■■■■■□
 Procurement optimisation■■■□□■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■

Increase productivity in the factory with readychain®

Ready to go system

igus takes on responsibility for the entire procurement logistics - from procurement of the necessary special parts, metal sheets or machine parts to provision of the ready-to-install system on the scheduled date.

  • The number of your suppliers and orders will be reduced by around 75%
  • The guaranteed quality of igus readychains
  • Installation service on site
  • Individual end customer support

All components from a single source

Energy chains from igus are already being reliably used in hundreds of thousands of applications all over the world.
From small devices up to steelworks, from very simple linear applications up to the most complicated task - igus® offers thousands of options for all types of applications.

chainflex cables and plug connections

With more than 1,300 cables from stock, igus® offers the largest range of cables specifically for the energy chain. Thanks to the industry's largest test laboratory, igus® is the only supplier in the market able to offer a 36-month guarantee on all its chainflex® cables. All commercially available plug-in connections, as well as more than 4,600
drive cables suitable for 24 manufacturer standards, are available.

readychain® factory  

Application examples with readychain®

Automatic handling of medication: harnessed energy chains ensure 20,000 movements per day

Modular automatic medication picking systems are used for the fast storage and retrieval of medicines in chemists, hospitals or care homes and can be adapted to almost all spatial conditions on site. They have to be both compact and modular to allow for an extension and safe supply without problems.
readychain systems can be ideally adapted to circumstances and spatial conditions.

3,000 shore power connections per year with flexible energy supply systems

The offshore bases Mongstad is one of the most frequented bases in Norway. Twice a day, the ships enter and leave to be loaded with equipment for the offshore platforms in the North Sea. The basis operates around the clock.
Therefore, a reliable, robust and flexible system for supplying shore power from igus is used. A harnessed e-spool  is integrated in a three metre long container that can be handled by forklifts to position the system along the various berths.

Minutes instead of days: Complete solution from igus® reduces assembly times of machining centres

Thanks to ready-to-install readychain® systems, process costs can be lowered and errors reduced

In its robotic machining centres, Taiwanese tool manufacturer Hartford uses fully-assembled energy chain systems from igus®.
This cuts out many process steps for the manufacturer, reducing assembly time from several weeks to just half a day. With readychain® from igus®, customers can at the same time depend on receiving a reliable solution from a single source.

Applications with readychain®

There are many good and different reasons to choose pre-harnessed energy chain supply systems when producing machines and equipment.
Manufacturing costs decrease, sources of errors are practically excluded. The project effort is reduced, reliability increased. Application areas are in assembly and handling technology, in material handling and bearing technology or in mechanical engineering.

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Further information

from top  
The innovative igus readychain factory with the world's largest test laboratory

  • 1,600 readychain systems leave the factory each week
  • 4,700m² for harnessing
  • 4,150 employees worldwide, including 359 employees who perform harnessing work
  • 35 igus® subsidiaries worldwide including 12 readychain® factories

test lab  
The largest test lab worldwide

From more than 15,000 tests performed per year, we have created what is probably the world's largest test database. This database gives us the ability to always select the right product for your specific application. Individual tests for your industry are also possible.

Module Connect page  

Plug in your energy supply with just ONE connector

Module Connect - interface based on the modular principle

Instead of requiring many plug-in/disconnect points in a limited space, the Module Connect can be configured individually as ONE interface. With the modular design, several connector housings are combined to a single module consisting of ONE plug-in/disconnect point.
Adjust the connector modules to the filling and geometry of your e-chain® and receive ideal cabling in terms of function and design for every application.

More information on Module Connect


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