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igus® energy supply systems for locks and dock facilities

Economical ... safe ... long-lasting

For operation of key structures, such as locks and bridges, absolute reliability in difficult environmental conditions is crucial. igus® energy supply systems have been proving their reliability day in, day out for many years.
All igus® products are:

easy to assemble, easy to inspect and low-maintenance

Weather-resistant and corrosion-free

Economical with a long service life

Whether for new facility construction or replacement upgrades, your igus® team will support you in all phases from acceptance to design and even installation. Our many years of experience and competence in collaborating with engineering companies and contractors, guarantees your success.

igus® references

Sea lock, Wilhelmshaven, Germany

Largest sea lock in Germany, second largest in the world

igus® energy supply systems in use in the largest lock in Germany

Sea lock, Wilhelmshaven, Germany  

The installation:

double lock: 390 m long and 60 m wide

sliding gates 60 m long, 10 m wide, 20 m high, about 2000 tons weight

supply of the wheel-mounted gates (water compensation)


The igus® system

Complete energy supply system with:

rol e-chain® 4040CR

chainflex® motor cables, bus cables and fibre optic cables

igus® trough system safely assembled and guided

floating moving end to compensate for differences caused by the floating of the water gate

In use since 2006 / 2011

Interview with Dirk Eickmeyer,

Wasser- und Schifffahrtsamt (Water and Shipping Authority) Wihelmshaven

The structure

History, function and requirements

The energy supply system

Function, operation and maintenance

The energy supply system

Components, properties and advantages

Krammersluis, Netherlands

Structure of the Delta Works flood control system

Krammersluis, Netherlands: Explanation of the energy supply system by Ton van Veldhuijzen, Sales Manager igus® B. V.

Krammersluis, Netherlands  

The installation:

double lock: 280 m long and 24 m wide

Supply of various functions, such as pumps, locking mechanism and lighting

Floating moving end for compensation of differences that arise during

the travel of the gate


The igus® system:

Complete energy supply system with:

rol e-chain® 4040CR

chainflex® motor cables and control cables

securely assembled and guided in an igus® trough system

floating moving end for compensation of alignment differences

In use since 2009

igus® products for locks and docks

e-chain system®  
chainflex® cables  

Moving energy made easy

igus® e-chain systems®

e-chains® modular kit with numerous accessories: interior separation, mounting brackets, strain relief

corrosion-resistant: Resistant to seawater, UV, oil and weather

robust, yet lighter and less expensive than steel

standardised guide trough system additional load up to 600 kg/m

travel distance up to 800 m, speeds up to 600 m/min

easy to install and easy to inspect; with long service life

Cables for motion

igus® chainflex® cables

developed for use in e-chains®

complete range from fibre optic cable to medium voltage cable

1,040 cables available from stock Cold flexible and resistant to dirt, slurry, oil, UV and salt water

tested in the industry's largest test laboratory

guaranteed for 36 months or 10 million double strokes*

numerous certificates, including Germanischer Lloyd


Advantages of igus® systems

standard cables instead of expensive special versions

combination of several media in one system

securely guided with igus® trough technology

less installation space required than festoon systems

optimised for assembly and service

perfect fit and ready to connect, complete from a single source

Laboratory test energy chains

test labs on a floor area of 2,750 m2

3,000 energy chain system tests a year in 180 test set-ups

Two billion test cycles annually for highly flexible cables

One million electric measurement datasets annually

15,000 tribological tests (friction and wear)

140 trillion test motions

igus® engineering and installation service

Worldwide: consulting, planning, installation, inspection and spare parts service

igus® engineering service

reduce your engineering costs for planning energy supply systems. We provide tailored custom solutions for difficult applications.

tailor-made solutions for new installation or upgrade

analysis and acceptance conducted on-site by our team

design concept free of charge

assembled ready-to-connect and precisely fitting

including installation and commissioning

years of experience working together with engineering firms and contractors

igus® assembly service

Acceptance, design, harnessing, delivery up to complete assembly of energy chains with all components.

Predictable fixed cost for the assembly, maintenance or inspection of energy supply systems on your system

Fast and fault-free installation and maintenance by qualified personnel

no downtimes, low idle times

Products (energy chains, cables, strain reliefs, guide troughs, etc.) Products and services from one source – less logistics effort for you

igus® system guarantee

igus® application examples

Lock gate in Wilhelmshaven (Germany)

Here, the second largest lock in the world has been fitted with a new water gate.

Lock gate in Wilhelmshaven (Germany)    

Lock gates

Salt water resistance and compensation for sideways motions for lock-gate operations.

Lock gates    

Lift bridge

The centre section of this bridge over the Piscataqua River between Portsmouth and Kittery in the USA can be raised and lowered using a lifting mechanism.

Lift bridge    

Ship unloader

441 m travel: Reduction of tensile forces by about 75%.

Ship unloader    

STS applications

igus® applications and references with STS cranes. Over 400 applications worldwide.

STS applications    

RTGs / RMGs applications

igus® applications and references with RTG & RMG cranes. Over 3000 applications worldwide.

RTGs / RMGs applications    

Sludge treatment

This is the world's largest plastic energy-chain.

Sludge treatment    

OpenHydro tidal turbine

A plastic chain makes any kind of maintenance on the open sea obsolete; a conventional metal chain would not be adequate for the combination of technical, climatic and mechanical requirements.

OpenHydro tidal turbine    

Shore connection: gangway

Automatic coupling with the floating power station in the Port of Hamburg (Germany) makes it possible to reduce emissions

Shore connection: gangway    


The service boats of a wind farm operator are prepared for use at this pontoon in Barrow-in-Furness, Great Britain.

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