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Tech up & cost down
motion plastics for the
crane industry

Energy chains for cranes from igus®

Tried and tested in thousands of applications; reduce costs, increase service life

Our energy chains and flexible cables are in use in more than 10,000 port installations around the world and have proven their worth in real, harsh environments. The fields of application include ship-to-shore cranes, bulk cargo handling cranes, RTGs, RMGs, Goliath cranes, spreaders, reach stackers etc.
e-chains® are a reliable and low-maintenance alternative to busbar systems, festoons and cable drums.

New from April 2020

Nine new products presented in less than five minutes

Innovative products for cranes

Tech up, cost down: this is the goal of new types of e-chains, new cables, new isense measuring and monitoring systems, especially designed for the needs of the crane industry.
You can find more information on these and further product innovations at our 400m2 trade show stand. You can either explore it virtually on your own or together with our industry expert. Make an appointment now for a guided virtual tour with individual consultation:

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High-speed glide bar

Abrasion-optimised high-speed glide bar

▲ Tech up

  • Five times the abrasion resistance thanks to tribologically optimised material
  • For particularly fast, gliding applications
▼ Cost down
  • More durable at the same price
  • Significantly lower maintenance

More information about the HS glide bar

EC.PR protection for travels of up to 1,000m

▲ Tech up

  • Position-dependent reduction of maximum push/pull force limits at which the system is shut down – freely defined for each point along the travel
▼ Cost down
  • Avoid unplanned repair efforts, e.g. at a stacker reclaimer for a replacement

More information about isense EC. PR

EC.PP trough-integrated path measurement system

▲ Tech up

  • Path measurement system for connection to the position-dependent push/pull measuring system EC. PR
  • Usable as a primary trolley positioning system - eliminates the need for a second measuring system.
▼ Cost down
  • On average, four person days of installation time saved because the second measurement system is eliminated

More information about isense EC. PP

System comparison

Energy chain systems instead of festooning, motor cable drums and busbars

Energy chain systems instead of motor cable drums

Energy chain systems instead of motor cable drums

No slip ring on long travels. Guide all media safely in one system. Travels up to 1,000m.

Energy chain systems instead of busbars

Energy chain systems instead of busbars

Guide data, energy, fluids and air fail-safe in one energy chain system. For narrow compact spaces and fast movement in lanes.  

Energy chains systems instead of festooning

Energy chains systems instead of festooning

Guide cables and energy chains in a protected and safe way in wind and fluctuating temperatures. That way, downtimes can be reduced.

Durable products for crane technology

Roller energy chains

e.g. roller energy chains

  • e.g. Series P4.1: long service life due to maintenance-free tribo-polymer plain bearings in conjunction with the chain links
  • Long travels of up to 800m
  • Speeds of up to 5m/s
  • 10xlonger service life whilst using less drive force

Find out more about roller e-chains
Guide troughs

e.g. guide troughs

  • Available in stainless steel (304)1.4301 and (316)1.4404
  • Available in aluminium for seawater resistance according to EN6060 and weight reduction
  • Available as cost-effective and corrosion-free plastic trough

Find out more about guide troughs
Floating moving end

e.g. floating moving ends

  • Acts as compensation in the case of long travels 
  • Small, lightweight and cost-effective
  • Compatible with isense EC. P
  • Can be deployed with a range of energy supplies

Find out more about floating moving ends
Glide pads

Glide pads for energy chains on long travels

For gliding applications to prolong the service life of energy chain systems. This solution is recommended for travels between 1m/s and 3m/s.

Tested for real-world applications in the industry's largest test laboratory

View into the chainflex® and e-chain® test laboratory Take a look into out chainflex® and e-chain® test laboratory, where tests are run with 10 billion cycles each year.
Long travels in field test In the case of long travels, e-chains® are subjected to field testing with the help of sensors.

igus® products being successfully used in cranes

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