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drylin® NT - locking mechanism

Stop included


The proven drylin® N telescopic system is now available with a locking mechanism.

There are two different versions:
a) Detent in end positions and centered position
b) Precision detent with variable pitch (minimum pitch 10 mm)

Solid polymer guide / Aluminum guide

Low weight, low-noise operation


Corrosion-resistant, 100% lubrication-free

Continuous lengths up to 1200 mm (extended total length)

Note: The length divided by the locking distance must yield an even number.
P.e. Lenghts 250 mm, latching all 62,5mm = 250 / 62,5 = 4

Industries: furniture, maintenance, switch cabinets, aerospace


drylin® NT-LM in Plexiglas safety door adjustment


drylin® NT-LM in safety door adjustment in machine tool

Part No.:
Dimensions [mm]
Part. No. b H L. min. L. max.
 NT-LM-35 35 19 140 600 Upon request 
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drylin® NT telescopic guides

Completely lubricant-free linear extensions in continuous stroke lengths of 100mm to 600mm - maximum pulled-out length: 1200mm. The telescopic systems consist of anodized aluminum guide rails and a gliding block made of the proven iglidur® material. Due to the integrated solid lubricants, iglidur® tribopolymers enable dry operation in every application. The advantage - besides being maintenance-free - is the carefree use in clean hygienic environments. No oil or fat can be transmitted to other products, clothing or people. Applications even in cleanroom air showers were already implemented. But the dry operation also has advantages in the dirt accumulation area. Dirt particles do not stick to the guide and do not become a sticky mass. As an option, all telescopic guides can be delivered with a detent in start-medium-end position. Requirements for individually positioned locking positions can be met.